Red Bluff Spatial

“Crisis management for spatial teams”

Welcome to the website of Red Bluff Spatial Pty Ltd.

Red Bluff Spatial is a specialist consultancy providing strategic and technical services relating to emergency management spatial information teams and systems.

With the benefit of over 35 years' experience in the emergency management sector and a significant contributor in many state and national initiatives, Red Bluff Spatial can provide your organisation with a range of advisory services especially in relation to spatial teams and their capacity to perform in times of crisis and high stress.

We provide guidance and instruction relating to the maturity of current systems against several local and international best practises.

Services and products include:
  • Coaching and mentoring of spatial teams including a review of team capabilities, team design, staff recruitment and benchmarking
  • Guidance and benchmarking of spatial systems for their capacity to support decision making during crises
  • Project management and facilitation services
  • One and two day training courses