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A crash course in crisis mapping - Suva- Dec 16

Dec 2016 presentation at Uni Sth Pacific, draws on lessons from crises such as 9-11, the Haiti and Christchurch earthquakes and the Black Saturday bushfires. The presentation provides a series of top-tips for mapping during crises.

Crisis management for information teams - coping strategies - Asia Pacific Fire Magazine Jan 17

An article in the well regarded ‘Asia Pacific Fire Magazine’ outlines a number strategies for information teams wishing to cope when a crisis or disaster strikes.

GeoSafe GIS Data and Risk Mapping Nov 16

This presentation, delivered at the Nov 2016 Geosafe workshop at RMIT in Melbourne, Au, provides an historical overview of bushfire risk mapping in Victoria, Australia, from the 1990's through to current techniques and projects.

Use of GIS during 911 NYC attacks

Extensive report on the use of GIS and spatial technologies in response to the 9-11 New York City terrorist attacks in particular describing how emergency management teams managed to re-build a spatial system in extremely difficult circumstances.

Using next generation spatial technologies to advance knowledge of grassland curing

A presentation delivered at Locate 16, Melbourne, describing several practical tips and tricks when working with high resolution drone imagery. As part of the RISER team, this project and several companion projects won awards for spatial excellence and the prestigious outright winner of the Victorian Government.

Grassland curing monitoring using drone imagery

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