Red Bluff Spatial

“Improving crisis response by training and exercising”

Training - Crisis Management for Spatial Teams

Fires, floods, earthquakes, and epidemics ... crises can strike anytime, anywhere. Whether your business is in local government, utility or federal agency, your team may become quickly involved in an overwhelming crisis where people and systems struggle to cope. From a spatial team and system management perspective, carefully prepared structures and workflows can soon become slow, disjointed or even fail.

Drawing on lessons from crises such as 9-11, Katrina, Christchurch and Black Saturday, participants will be guided through a "how to" course for spatial team management. Major themes include recognizing the symptoms of a team in crisis, preparing and adjusting systems and team structures, dealing with a deluge of correspondence, communications and tasks, relationship management, dealing with stress and managing the inevitable post event inquiries.

Every person has know-how that adds value to wider knowledge of crisis management. This full day course uses presentations, class participation and group exercises to share and learn.

Participants will gain from the course by improving:

  • Leadership, clear thinking and team work in a crisis
  • Ability to identify and handle pressure and stress
  • Improve efficiency by assessing team structures and workflows
  • Preparation of systems, processes and contacts
  • Ability to create an "in emergency break glass" starter kit for a spatial team facing a crisis
  • The means of scaling up during a crisis
  • Capacity to undertake research and development during a crisis

The day long course is delivered as six lectures, two personal exercises and two group exercises. Participants will gain access to all course materials and starter kit templates.

Courses are available in one or two-day formats as well as shorter sessions. Options are available to deliver courses online.